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Important wildlife sanctuaries in India

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Important wildlife sanctuaries in India

In this modern world, a space dedicated to wildlife is very important. There are 441 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India. They are home to hundreds and thousands of various flora and fauna. There are a variety of species that live in such Wildlife Sanctuaries. 

Wildlife Sanctuaries play an important role in the environment, so they naturally become news. Hence, it is important to know about Wildlife sanctuaries in India. These topics are frequently asked in SSCbanking & other Competitive exams as Static GK Questions. we are enlisting all-important Wildlife Sanctuaries in India along with their cities and their mnemonics.

Simple Trick to Remember Wildlife Sanctuaries

Name of the Sanctuaries
Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary
Manas is going to Kazi from Assam for eating pani
Manas Wildlife Sanctuary
Garampani wildlife sanctuary
Gir National Park& Wildlife Sanctuary
Indian likes Gujarati Badam Kheer(Gir)
Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary
Sundarbans National Park
West Bengal
Sun rises early in West Bengal
Kanha National Park
Madhya Pradesh
Bandhav is married to Kanaha in front of MP
Bandhavgarh National Park
Rantham bore National Park& Wildlife Sanctuary
Raja prepared chappathi for his best friends are Ranthem, Bharat and sariska
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary
Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary
Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary
Odis is purchasing dress in Nandhan Silk(chilk)
Nandankanan Zoo
Corbett National Park
Govind getting bet for car(cor) race with Uttar
Govind Wildlife Sanctuary
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
Parambi and periyar set an alarm for going to kerala in the early morning
Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary
Periyar National Park& Wildlife Sanctuary
Mudumalai National Park& Wildlife Sanctuary
Tamil Nadu
Madhu likes Tom(tam) and Jerry
Bhadra is some time talks in kannada
Chandraprabha sanctuary
Uttar Pradesh
Chandra and uttra are twins
Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary
Arunachal Pradesh
Narmada andArungoing toPark
Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary
Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary
Jammu Kashmi
Ram and Nandini preparing Jam
Nandi Wildlife Sanctuary
Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary
Sukuna bought citybirds in chandi shop
City Birds Wildlife Sanctuary
Bir Bhunerheri Wildlife Sanctuary
Hari and Moti giva a punch on Bhune
Harike Wildlife Sanctuary
Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary
Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary
Maha playing sadly Kho-Kho in Radhanagiri
Radhanagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary
Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary
Kyong applied Pancard in Sikkim
Kyongnosla Wildlife Sanctuary
Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary
Gumutha going to Trip
Rupi Bhabha Sanctuary
Himachal Pradesh
Manali and Hema praying to sai Bhabha god
Manali Sanctuary
Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
Mahaveer going to Goa for buy a Bond paper
Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary
Spike Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Andaman and Nicobar Island
The Flats are defence from the rockets Spikes in Andaman
Defence Island
Flat Island

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Wildlife Sanctuaries – FAQ

  • How many wildlife sanctuaries are there in India 2020? 

There are 103 National Parks and 544 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India. Madhya Pradesh and Andaman & Nicobar Islands have the maximum number of National Parks (9 each).

  • Which is the biggest wildlife sanctuary in India?

Kaziranga National Park, located in the Golaghat district of Assam is the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India.

  • Which is the first sanctuary in India?

The oldest bird sanctuary in India, Vedanthangal was given this status due to a petition by local villagers who were aghast at seeing British soldiers shooting at the birds way back in 1796.

  • Which state has maximum wildlife sanctuaries?

The number of wildlife sanctuaries in India 2019 by state. The union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India had the highest number of wildlife sanctuaries in 2019.

  • Which animal is only found in India?

Asiatic Lion in Gir Forest, Lion-tailed Macaque in Western Ghats of India, Nilgiri Tahr, Malabar large spotted civet, Nilgiri Blue Robin, Jerdon’s Corser, Nilgai, Nicobar megapode are some of the species of animals endemic to India.

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